History of the Th. Kohl company



Centenary celebrations in 2020



-          Young Theodor Kohl was drafted into military service after completing his training at the Inland Revenue office in Regensburg, and returned home, seriously wounded, as an aspiring officer at the end of the First World War.




-          After recovering he founded in 1920, together with his father, who was a self-employed master hair-dresser, and several professional colleagues, a wholesale trade for business requirements in the form of a cooperative society.




-          After a few years Theodor Kohl expanded his enterprise by an additional line of business, hairdressing equipment, which developed into the actual mainstay of the enterprise. Inventiveness and innovation quickly brought the enterprise forwards:


One of his inventions in particular, the backwards washbasin, provided the enterprise with an unexpected upsurge. However, existing plans for expansion were delayed due to the Second World War because Theodor Kohl was drafted into military service again where he continued with his career as an officer.




-          After the war the company owner expanded his enterprise by his own factory in Regensburg with initially 30 carpenters and ten architects. This formed the basis of the general shop-fitting.


After Theodor Andreas Kohl, who had also served as an officer in the Second World War, returned home from war captivity at the end of the 1940s and joined the company, the cooperative was changed into a family limited partnership.




-          After the death of his father in the 1960s, Theodor Andreas Kohl restructured the enterprise into a specialised shop-construction company (establishing dispensing chemists).


At the same time, the internationalisation of the enterprise commenced in all the European countries except for Scandinavia and Great Britain.




-          In the course of this expansion an additional factory was constructed in Italy at the end of the 1960s. At the beginning of the seventies an administration and production were built in Regensburg in the newly created industrial estate of Regensburg Haselbach with a total of 20,000 m². In order to concentrate on the core markets, sales were discontinued by Mr Theodor Andreas Kohl in several countries, which included France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.




-          After the death of Theodor Andreas Kohl in 2009, his son Theodor Kohl took over the family enterprise, which he had joined in the 1980s. The Italian subsidiary company was continued by his widow.




-          The parent company in Haselbach, Regensburg, is managed to this day as an ordinary partnership in the form of a limited partnership with Theodor Kohl as a full partner.